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DIY Fall Porch Decor

Are you ready for fall? I can tell you I definitely am which is why I have already decorated my porch with all things fall. If you caught last weeks post, you know I DIYed a new fall wreath which is the center of attention in today’s porch decor. But honestly, I am ready to get out of these 90 degree days and into some over sized sweaters and leggings and curl up with a blanket and my little family. Fall just has such a cozy vibe and with everything going on right now, a little heartwarming never felt so good. So are you ready bring on some fall with a little porch decor? 
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Its been a little while since I shared porch decor for fall because last year we were about to have our house painted and life was a bit chaotic. Our everyday routine has definitely changed a bit since then but I am excited to share an all new look!

DIY FALL Porch Decor

Now that the exterior of our house is not so 70s and feels more like us, I am definitely more motivated to decorate out here! Most of the items I used in this DIY have made appearances in our outdoor decor before, but that’s the beauty of it! You don’t have to buy a ton of new items every season, just re-purpose and recycle items you already have 😉 Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fall Porch Decor

Several years ago I purchased this black and white outdoor rug for the front porch and it might just be my favorite piece for out here. It transitions from season to season effortlessly. I simply swap out the door mat and I have a whole new look. I snagged this adorable leopard print mat this season on sale! If you are new here, I kind of have this thing with leopard print 🙂

Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fall Porch Decor

The side table is one of my famous IKEA Hacks and is so easy, affordable, and perfect for small spaces like our tight front porch. I dolled it up with a few seasonal mums in some black and white baskets I have had for years! I probably jumped the gun photographing these because they weren’t fully bloomed, but live plants don’t usually last too long in my care, so it was probably for the best, haha!Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fall Porch Decor

On the opposite side of the porch, I added a simple black chair from our outdoor dining table and a throw pillow to add some texture.Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fall Porch Decor

And what would a fall front porch be without a few pumpkins? I found these ceramic pumpkins years ago at HomeGoods when I finally got fed up with our mean squirrels eating my pumpkins every year. Ugh! And yes, I know it was the squirrels, I caught them in the act! Since I love animals and shooting them with a BB gun is frowned upon (I would NEVER do that BTW), I settled for these fake pumpkins which can be reused each season. I couldn’t find anything quite like these to link, so I Iinked some other cute ones that I love! Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fall Porch Decor


Light Fixture | Smart Bulbs | Fall Wreath | Chair | Outdoor Rug (similar) | Door Mat (similar) | Pillow | Black & White Basket (Similar) | Side Table | Lantern | Fake Pumpkins 

You can also shop my style for all the great products we love and use here!

Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fall Porch Decor Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fall Porch Decor Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fall Porch DecorGarrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fall Porch Decor

This was an easy afternoon project that I spent very little money on since I used many items I already had on hand. A few simple seasonal items paired with neutral decor can go a long way! You don’t need to spend a fortune or buy ALL the pumpkins and mums the store has to make your porch look amazing. Less is more 😉

Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fall Porch Decor

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Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fall Porch Decor

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