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DIY Fall Wreath

I know we just past the half way point in the month of August, but fall is right around the corner and it is my favorite season! Before you know it we will be wearing sweaters and boots and snuggling up with our favorite blankets. Doesn’t it sound so cozy? So you can see why my mind has wandered away from summer by the pool to warm evenings by the fire. With that said, I wanted to update my exterior fall decor a bit to coordinate with our new house paint, not to mention, my prior fall wreath has seen better days. Which brings me to today’s easy DIY Fall Wreath that anyone can do!  

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Since fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving all seem to run together, I wanted to create something versatile to adapt with the seasons. Because right after fall is Christmas and man, that’s a lot of wreath making! I do like having a festive and inviting front porch though and I found the perfect solution! This DIY fall wreath is multi seasonal with just a few minor little tweaks! You ready to see how I did it?

DIY Fall Wreath Supplies

Magnetic Chalk Board
Wooden Letter
White Spray Paint 
Gold Spray Paint 
Leopard Print Pumpkins
Glue Gun
Staple Gun
Chalk Pencils

Step 1

Paint your wooden letter or monogram. I purchased this F monogram years ago at a local craft store to make a fall wreath, but never got around to doing anything with it. So it was just sitting in our basement collecting dust. Shocker. I haven’t seen this exact style since, but these are very similar. Mine is 13 inches.DIY Fall Wreath

Because I wanted this wreath to be multi seasonal, I kept it neutral with white and gold. I chose to spray paint mine because I already had spray paint on hand from my faux fur wreath and other projects. I will say, I am not a big fan of the Valspar spray paint because it manages to leak all over your hands, but I already had it. DIY Fall Wreath

I set up shop in the garage and painted the F with the white paint first. DIY Fall Wreath

Once the white was dry, I taped off a diagonal line to achieve the two tone effect.DIY Fall Wreath

You will also want to shield the other side of the letter so it doesn’t get messed up by the over spray. I used a piece of paper to act as a barrier and moved it as I went. Once the second color has been sprayed, pull the tape off right away. If you wait until the paint dries it will peel off your paint. DIY Fall Wreath

Step 2

Use a hot glue gun to attach magnets to the back of your pumpkins. If you know me, you know I have a thing for leopard print and I fell hard for these cute little pumpkins! I used these magnets which were left over from my Giant Word Game. DIY Fall Wreath

Step 3

Use a hot glue gun to attach magnets to the back of your letter or monogram. I used four magnets for mine. Originally I tried only two, but my F slid down the chalkboard when I held it upright.DIY Fall Wreath

Step 4

Attach ribbon to the back of your chalk board to hang it. My chalkboard did not have any mounting hardware on the back, so I simply stapled some leopard print ribbon to the back of it with my staple gun. Make sure your ribbon is secure. I had to use multiple staples to ensure it didn’t come loose.  DIY Fall Wreath

Step 5

Write a festive saying on your chalk board. I used a chalk pencil to write happy fall on mine. You could also use chalk as well, but I prefer the pencils because the are more precise.DIY Fall Wreath

Step 6

Enjoy your new DIY Fall Wreath! By the way, my neighbors definitely think I am a day late and a dollar short after seeing me take these photos in my fall get up while it was 96 degrees, haha! What I do for you all 😉 DIY Fall Wreath DIY Fall WreathDIY Fall Wreath

Step 7

Swap the pumpkins for some Christmas bulbs and a new saying. Now you are ready for the next holiday in only five minutes! DIY Fall WreathDIY Fall WreathDIY Fall Wreath

Stay tuned to see this DIY fall and multi seasonal wreath in action next week when I tackle my Fall Front porch. You can see my previous fall front porch, before we painted the house here.DIY Fall Wreath

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