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Fall Front Porch Makeover

About a month ago I shared some fall front porch design inspiration which got me thinking about our front porch some more. It has always been an area I wasn’t crazy about, in fact, I’m not crazy about the front of our house in general. And while an exterior makeover of the front of our house is definitely on my wish list, it is not currently in the budget. So I set out to make some small, inexpensive changes to hold me over until we can do a full scale makeover.
Fall Front Porch Makeover

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In the six years we have lived in our house, I haven’t really given any attention to our front porch, mostly because I envisioned tackling the whole thing at once. Buying a new front door, replacing our cracked concrete steps, and painting our house to get rid of that dreadful orange brick. Well folks, that is probably not happening any time soon so I decided to do what I could. First, the front door. It has an ornate dragon lion carving on it which has always confused me. Was this in style at one time or is this someone’s family crest and we are just weirdos living with some other family’s name on our door? Fall Front Porch Makeover

Aside from the strange carving, it desperately needed a fresh coat of paint. Here is a full view of the before.

Fall Front Porch Makeover

Next, the outdoor light. To be frank, there is nothing I like about this light other than it turns on. It couldn’t be further from my style and the frosted glass doesn’t do a good job of illuminating the porch at night. It’s a miracle it survived my wrath for six years! RIP my friend.

For this makeover, I decided to paint the front door black with some leftover exterior paint we had in the garage. Then I went on the prowl for a new outdoor light and found this one! The last change I made was a new doorbell button and some fall accessories I already had. Fall Front Porch Makeover

I borrowed the chair from our back patio as well as the Ikea side table I hacked. Fall Front Porch Makeover Fall Front Porch Makeover

I paired my black and white outdoor rug with a simple door mat I bought last year. Fall Front Porch Makeover

I hung my fall wreath on the freshly painted black front door, which also hides my dragon lion quite well 🙂

Fall Front Porch Makeover

A few years ago I bought these ceramic pumpkins at HomeGoods because my squirrels kept eating my real pumpkins. But these don’t have to be carved and I can reuse them every year! Take that you mean squirrels!

Fall Front Porch Makeover

We hung up our new light and I am in LOVE! It is simple, modern, and much more substantial. Not to mention, it actually illuminates the porch so well we have to set our smart bulb to 40% dim.

Fall Front Porch Makeover

Even though it isn’t the full scale makeover I had always planned, the front porch looks so much better! It just goes to show a few simple changes can really go a long way!

Fall Front Porch Makeover Fall Front Porch Makeover Fall Front Porch Makeover

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Fall Front Porch Makeover

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