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Master Suite Renovation Progress

Last week I shared our plans to tackle our master bedroom along with our master bathroom renovation. With the pile of tasks mounting higher and higher, we got started this past weekend! This means we moved out of our room. Without a doubt, this is the worst part of the process, so far anyway. We feel so discombobulated, not to mention the three of us (yes, Moka too) are now sleeping in a queen size bed. Not ideal. Let’s just say I have a new found appreciation for how big our room and bathroom really are. Here is our sad empty bedroom.Master Suite Renovation ProgressMaster Suite Renovation Progress

And our first guest room which is now doubling as my closet and storage for all of our furniture.Master Suite Renovation Progress

Despite the chaos, Moka seems to be settling into our new room just fine. Although she was incredibly confused when we were moving everything out.Master Suite Renovation Progress

With the room empty, you can now see our initial quick fix for the windows overlooking our family room. We screwed some thin plywood into the wall and painted it the same color as the rest of the walls. If you remember, this was all hidden behind our headboard and curtains.  Not my finest moment, but we were on a time and money budget. I can’t wait for those to be GONE!Master Suite Renovation Progress

The next item we tackled was the carpet. That dirty, dirty carpet. I won’t miss it. Barry removed all of the carpet while I pulled staples out of the floor behind him. Luckily, there were far less staples than we encountered when we removed the carpet in our family room.Master Suite Renovation Progress

It sounds crazy, I know, but I think I like the plywood better than the carpet! Master Suite Renovation ProgressMaster Suite Renovation Progress

Now, let’s get to the fun part. Scraping the ceilings!Master Suite Renovation Progress

I have talked to so many people who think we are crazy for doing this ourselves, but seriously, it is not hard and it’s basically free! We used plastic sheeting to cover the floors and vanity area in the bathroom, safety goggles to protect our eyes, masks so we didn’t breathe in the dust, plastic scrapers, and spray bottles with just water. The only thing we had to buy was the plastic sheeting because we already had all of the supplies from when we did our family room. The first time we did this we honestly contemplated not covering the floor, but I am SO glad we did! It makes clean up such a breeze. We just roll up the sheeting and throw it away!Master Suite Renovation ProgressMaster Suite Renovation Progress

Remember when I said this should be a cake walk compared to our family room? It totally was! It only took us 2 hours to do the bedroom, bathroom and my closet. And did I mention how incredibly satisfying it is? OMG! Strange, I know, but it is so satisfying!Master Suite Renovation Progress

And SO MESSY! This is why you really need the plastic for the floors!Master Suite Renovation Progress Master Suite Renovation Progress

And this is what it looks like now! Even though we still need to re-texture and paint the ceilings, it already makes the room feel so much bigger!Master Suite Renovation Progress

Next weekend we will be moving on to demo in the bathroom. You can subscribe to my newsletter to keep up with our progress and don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest!

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