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Master Bedroom Re-design Preview

Garrison Street Design Studio - Master Bedroom Re-design PreviewOk folks, if you are just joining, we are beginning the process of renovating our master bathroom. You can catch up on those details here & here. Along with this renovation, we will also be addressing a few changes to our master bedroom. When we first bought That 70s House, there were some challenging elements in our bedroom we were dealing with. But since time and money don’t grow on trees, we had to work around them. In case you missed it, this is our original master bedroom.Garrison Street Design Studio - Master Bedroom Re-design Preview Garrison Street Design Studio - Master Bedroom Re-design Preview I originally designed this room around those awkward windows that overlook our family room which you can read more about here. Ultimately, my work around for the windows was to hide them behind our headboard and curtains. This was not my ideal solution, but it held us over for a few years until we could save up and dedicate more time to the issue.Garrison Street Design Studio - Master Bedroom Re-design Preview

Well that time is here and I am going to say good bye to the curtains and give our headboard some new life in a vibrant color. This is my inspiration for the bed. I am leaning towards doing a DIY upholstered version of my inspiration, but we will see if I feel up to the challenge after weeks of renovation 🙂 We will also be adding a painted, wood plank accent wall behind the bed and filling in the window holes. Or at least that is our tentative plan. To be continued…..

In addition to the awkward interior windows, this room also sports the old, dirty, builder grade carpet the rest of the house came with, which we have been removing room by room.Garrison Street Design Studio - Master Bedroom Re-design Preview

And as a reminder, I really HATE carpet! So that will be donated to our lovely 3rd trash can 🙂 We will be replacing it with the same Pergo flooring we laid on our main level. I just love the durability of it and the ease of installation.
Garrison Street Design Studio - Master Bedroom Re-design PreviewFinally, we will be scraping the dated popcorn ceilings. We did this a few years back in our family room and while it was hard work, it was totally worth it! It gives the room a much updated feel and after dealing with our tall ceilings in the family room, normal height ceilings should be a cake walk 🙂 I hope.

I know it seems kinda of crazy to do all of this at the same time as our master bathroom renovation, but we decided it would be easier to move out of our room completely and tackle everything all at once. First, we plan to remove all the carpet. Then we plan to scrape all of the ceilings since part of the bathroom and my closet also have popcorn ceilings. Then we can continue with the bathroom renovation and come back and install the new flooring in the bedroom when the bathroom is complete. Oh, and somewhere in the middle of all that we will reconfigure my closet too (more on this later). Hopefully, we can have all of this complete in two months because don’t forget, Barry and I both have full time day jobs. Please stick around and see how it all unfolds! I will be sharing some real time updates over on Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to follow me 🙂

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