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Master Bath Design Sneak Peek

A few weeks ago, I announced our biggest project yet. Our master bathroom renovation. We will be starting this project in a few weeks, but today I wanted to give you all a sneak peek at what we have planned. I am still SO excited!!! Naturally, I have been a planning fool! I spent the last three months tile shopping and perusing Pinterest like crazy for inspiration and I think we finally nailed down all the design elements. Below is my mood board for the project.Garrison Street Design Studio - Master Bath Design Sneak PeekThe vanity. After much debate, we have decided to go with a white floating vanity. I wavered on this extensively, but finally came up with a plan to make it work AND give it something extra…….you will have to wait for those details. Ahhh the suspense 🙂

The floor. I didn’t want the floor to compete with the rest of the design elements in the room and I wanted it to be durable. That led us to this simple, rectangular, grey porcelain tile. It almost has a concrete feel to it, which I love!Garrison Street Design Studio - Master Bath Design Sneak Peek

The lighting. Right now we have two recessed lights above the vanity which provide terrible shadowy light and two additional ceiling fixtures with two bulbs each. This is just not enough light. But when I started looking at vanity light options, I just couldn’t fall in love with any of them. And I probably looked at 1,000+ fixtures. So let me back up just a tad. Attached to our bathroom is my closet. Yes, my closet. Barry and I don’t share closets or suitcases for that matter. Anyway, the closet is also getting a makeover during this project (more on that later) and I was dreaming of a really fun light fixture and found this one. Which I know is a bit out of the box, but I am head over heals about this light! Well it turns out there isn’t enough clearance with the new closet design for this fixture. I was heart broken! Then I thought, what if we did two of these in the pendent version over the vanity? And the smile comes back to my face! So, if you haven’t gathered yet, that is what we are planning to do! We will add these over the vanity on dimers and then swap out the other two lights with recessed lights, one of which will also be the fan.

The countertop. I originally wanted a beautiful white Carrera marble for the countertop, but knowing the level of maintenance and soft nature of the stone, we will likely be going with a quartz that looks like marble, but we haven’t met with our fabricator yet, so that could change. Details to come.

The shower. This is my favorite part. For as long as I can remember, I have LOVED hexagon tile so I knew we needed to incorporate it in this reno. A smaller tile usually works best for a shower floor and this marble hexagon tile seemed to fit the bill perfectly. A very classic yet modern element.Garrison Street Design Studio - Master Bath Design Sneak Peek

For the walls, I wanted a main tile and an accent tile. For the accent tile I sought something a little bold that coordinated with the hexagon tile, but not too over the top as we might grow tired of it quickly. When we came across this marble chevron tile, we instantly loved it! Accent tile decided.Garrison Street Design Studio - Master Bath Design Sneak Peek

To compliment the marble tile but still keep things simple and bright, we selected this over sized white subway tile which we plan to lay vertically.Garrison Street Design Studio - Master Bath Design Sneak Peek

In total, these are all the elements for the shower.Garrison Street Design Studio - Master Bath Design Sneak Peek

The mirrors. This was a super easy decision. I love our existing mirrors we added four years ago, so we plan to re-use those.

The faucets. Ok, truth time. We haven’t decided! I am crazy in love with these, but they are NOT even remotely in the budget. I have always had a design crush on the modern versions of the “x” handles. Maybe because they are an updated piece of nostalgia? Not sure, but I totally dig them! No matter what faucets we decide on, they will be a chrome finish. But that’s all I got so far 🙂

The shower fixtures. A few years back, Barry and I were lucky enough to stay in a swanky hotel out in Beaver Creek and they had this amazing shower with body sprayers and a rain head. I swear this shower was almost the size of our entire bathroom! Anyway, from that moment on, we added an upgraded shower system to our renovation wish list. With our tiling experience, we knew we didn’t want to tile the ceiling which needs to be done if you do a rain head in the ceiling. So we found a shower system that includes a rain head, but it is attached to the system itself rather than the ceiling. This is the one we chose.

The barn doors. I mentioned a few weeks ago we will be adding some barn doors to a) give us a door between the bedroom and bathroom and b) alleviate some of the door/drawer chaos we have going on with my closet and the vanity. We do have a plan to sort of DIY these, but you will have to stay tuned for that one!

We will be doing most of this renovation ourselves, with the exception of drywall, plumbing and maybe electrical. We really don’t like doing drywall and there will have to be some plumbing changes (other than the fixtures) so we would rather entrust that to a professional. All the rest we will be tackling ourselves. It’s going to be a fun ride so stick around to see how it all goes!

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