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DIY Pedestal Bowl

I was really hoping to share our stair makeover this week, but we hit a few snags and they just aren’t done yet. Fingers crossed we have a very productive weekend and I can share them next week! Today, I want to share a super easy and affordable DIY that has been on my list for a while now, a DIY pedestal bowl. These have been trending in all the design catalogs and I have been swooning hard over this one, but being the budget girl that I am, I was sure I could DIY it for less. Now I am going to show you how I made it for $2! Yep! That’s not a typo 😉

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This all started with a trip to the Dollar Tree to get some Mambas. If you have never had them, they are so good! I would describe them as a cross between a Starburst and Laughy Taffy. Anyway, I happened to see these terrarium dishes which I knew were the perfect fit for this project. Another stroll down the dish aisle and I had the perfect glass bowl base. Each component was only $1!    

DIY Pedestal Bowl
Step 1

Pick your components. As I mentioned above, I found the top and the bottom for my pedestal bowl at the Dollar Tree. Thrift stores could also be a good option if you do not have a Dollar Tree. For the base, the glass bowl seemed like just the right height. For the top, I wanted something relatively shallow and the terrarium was just the right size. Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Pedestal Bowl

Step 2 

Spray paint the pieces. I chose to paint my pieces prior to attaching them in order to get good coverage. I used my go to white spray paint that I already had on hand from all my fottery projects. You can use any color you like, but I chose white so it would tie in seamlessly with the rest of our decor.  

Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Pedestal Bowl

Step 3 

Attach the pedestal bowl. I used Gorilla construction adhesive because we have it on hand for our stair project and it has always worked well for me in the past. I have had some bad experiences with my glue gun and the terrarium is plastic and I didn’t want it to melt.  

Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Pedestal Bowl

I applied a generous amount to the center of the bowl upside down and spread it around a little. Be careful not to use too much so the glue doesn’t leak out.

Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Pedestal Bowl

Let the glue set for a while before adding any decor, like 30 minutes. 

Step 4

Once the glue is set, add whatever decor items you wish. I chose some oversized moss balls, but faux flowers, succulents, or faux fruit would all be good options 😉 Since it is spray painted, I don’t recommend using it for food. 

Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Pedestal Bowl

See, I told you this was an easy one! The longest part of this project is waiting for the paint to dry! 

Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Pedestal Bowl Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Pedestal BowlGarrison Street Design Studio - DIY Pedestal Bowl

I am so excited to finally have one of these modern pedestal bowls that I was just not willing to fork out $50 for. It was SO easy to make yet adds a lot of style! Make sure you follow me on Instagram stories to get a sneak peek of the stair makeover and all of the behind the scenes!

Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Pedestal Bowl

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Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Pedestal Bowl

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DIY Pedestal Bowl

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  1. Oh my goodness this is so cute! Thank you for all the styling inspiration!!!! We are doing some kitchen cabinet refinishing this week & I am trying to plan out how we are going to style the space after. This centerpiece would be so cute!!! Thanks for sharing!

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