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DIY Fottery Christmas Trees

Oops, I did it again, sang in my very best Britney voice. Ok, so I might be slightly obsessed with faux pottery or as I like to call it Fottery. It’s the new pottery, trust me. Ever since I transformed my very first vase, I have been turning ALL the things into Fottery!  As such, it should come as no surprise that I had to make some faux pottery Christmas trees for my holiday setup this year. Not only do I love how sophisticated these look, but they were SO easy and affordable! Are you ready to learn how to make your very own Fottery Christmas Trees?  

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Before we get started with the how to, I want to apologize if you received this on Monday with a broken link. The post was accidently emailed out in draft form. Again, I am so sorry if you received this early by mistake. But now it is done and ready to go, so let’s make some Fottery Christmas trees!  

DIY Fottery Christmas Trees

Paper Mache Craft Cones
Joint Compound 
Flat Chip Paint Brush
Flat White Spray Paint
Flat Black Spray Paint
Satin Tan Spray Paint

Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fottery Christmas Trees

Step 1

Pick up a few paper mache craft cones. I found mine at the local craft store on sale for 50% off, but you can order them online as well. Mine are 23 inches tall.Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fottery Christmas Trees

Step 2

Use the coarse flat chip paint brush to apply the joint compound onto the paper mache Christmas trees. I found it easier to start at the bottom of the tree and work your way up. Make sure to cover the whole cone to give it good fottery texture. The thicker you apply it, the longer it will take to dry. I let my Christmas trees dry overnight. You can see the whole video process hereGarrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fottery Christmas Trees

Step 3

Once the joint compound is dry, it is time to paint them. I found that spray paint works best for creating the fottery look. I wanted my trees to be light in color, so I gave them a coat of white first. Then I came back around alternating between the tan and the black. It is very important to do this part in very light spurts at least a foot or two away from the trees. You do not want to coat them, but make them look aged like pottery. If you apply too much of one color, you can go back over it with another. I let mine dry overnight, but they should be dry within a few hours.Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fottery Christmas TreesGarrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fottery Christmas Trees

Step 4

Place your Christmas trees on the mantel or wherever you would like and enjoy!Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fottery Christmas Trees

This was a super easy DIY and I cannot get over how good my Fottery Christmas Trees look on the fireplace! I now have nine pieces of fottery in the family room, but don’t worry, I can quit at any time, haha!Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fottery Christmas Trees

Because I already had the spray paint and joint compound on hand, I was able to create new Christmas d├ęcor for a little over $10! And I still have enough supplies to make even more fottery! I mean, none of the bedrooms have any fottery yet. Clearly I have some work to do ;)  Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fottery Christmas Trees

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Garrison Street Design Studio - DIY Fottery Christmas Trees

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