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DIY Framed Canvas Art

Art can be expensive, but I am here to show you how to DIY framed canvas art for free! That’s right folks, free. Over the last few months we have been working hard on renovating our upstairs hallway and giving everything a fresh, modern feel. While I have shared a lot of the details on our new stairs, gallery wall and linen closet, today I want to show you how to DIY your own piece of framed canvas art! This was the final piece in my hallway design and I was so excited to not only save on the budget, but I was able to repurpose and recycle items I already had. You ready to see how I did it?

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DIY Framed Canvas Art Supplies

Art Canvas
Joint Compound (optional)
Nail Gun
Table Saw
Miter Saw
Tape Measure

Step 1

Find a piece of art canvas. I recycled a mass produced canvas art print I already had. This print was a favorite of mine at one time, but my style has evolved and it has been collecting dust in the basement for a few years. If you aren’t the borderline hoarder that I am, thrift stores or FB Marketplace are great options to buy second hand, or you can simply pick up a blank canvas from the craft store. This is what my canvas looked like when I started. DIY Framed Canvas Art

Step 2

Paint your canvas. Since I chose to recycle a canvas I already had, I first painted over the existing print. I used white interior paint I had on hand, but needed several coats. I also decided to give it some texture, so, you guessed it, I got fottery with it! If you missed my adventures in fottery, you can catch up here. DIY Framed Canvas Art

But the cliffs note version is joint compound. I spread a thin layer of joint compound with a flat chip paint brush to give texture to items like vases, Christmas trees, and faux planters. I must admit, I might have a problem. Currently I have 14 pieces of fottery on display around the house…..please, don’t judge me. DIY Framed Canvas Art

Here is a close up of the texture on my art canvas. This step is definitely optional, but I think is adds something extra. DIY Framed Canvas Art

Step 3

Paint your canvas again. Now it’s time to show off your art skills. You definitely do not need to be a Picasso to do this, so don’t be intimidated! I chose to use a sponge and some extra gray paint I had on hand from the fireplace fiasco, and went to town on my canvas varying the amount of paint and pressure I used. I allowed some areas to overlap creating another element of texture. DIY Framed Canvas Art

DIY Framed Canvas Art

Step 4

Cut wood to frame the canvas. Like most home improvement supplies, we have a stash of scrap wood in the garage. My canvas was fairly long and the only scraps I had that fit the bill were from my DIY art ledge. I only had one piece, but I was able to make it work by sending it through the table saw to get two thinner pieces out of it. DIY Framed Canvas Art

I then cut my scraps down to length with the miter saw. If you don’t have any scrap wood for this step, you could use 1x1s or 1x2s and cut those to size instead. DIY Framed Canvas Art

After my wood was cut to size, I gave all the pieces a quick sanding to make sure there were no rough edges. DIY Framed Canvas Art

Step 5

Attach the frame to the canvas. Art canvases are framed out on the back side with wood, which makes attaching a frame super simple. For this step, I used our nail gun to attach the frame to the canvas. DIY Framed Canvas Art

Step 6

Hang your art and enjoy! This is always my favorite step 😉

DIY Framed Canvas Art

This project was super simple and literally did not cost me a dime. It finished off our new modern hallway design giving great contrast between the canvas art and the new dark walls which I am totally obsessed with! If you want to see more video and all my behind the scenes, check out my Instagram stories!DIY Framed Canvas Art

DIY Framed Canvas Art

DIY Framed Canvas Art

DIY Framed Canvas Art

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DIY Framed Canvas Art

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DIY Framed Canvas Art

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