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5 DIY Building Projects To Try Right Now

You all know I love a good DIY and I am always looking out for the budget. This has lead to not only DIY decor projects but furniture as well. While I am not a carpenter, I have always believed I could learn how to do anything if I set my mind to it. So today I have rounded up five of my favorite DIY building projects we have done. While these are a team effort, I come up with the plans, how to, and participate in the entire execution. Just in case you all think I don’t know how to use the power tools 😉 To see me in action, check out all the behind the scenes from our latest backyard build in my Instagram and Facebook stories before it hits the blog! 5 DIY Building Projects to try Right Now

For all of you that think you can’t build something yourself, I challenge you to start! Try something simple first and work your way up. I have no special carpentry skills, just a lot determination and a garage full of power tools. You can do it, and I will encourage you! 

DIY Hairpin Leg Bench

5 DIY Building Projects To Try Right Now

This one is SO easy, literally anyone can do it! It is the perfect project to get you started in DIY. I came up with this bench when I wanted more casual seating for our dining room and didn’t want to shell out a mortgage payment for new chairs. The best part is, this bench can be made in less than an hour!

DIY Raised Dog Bowls5 DIY Building Projects To Try Right Now

When we rescued Marvin a year and a half ago, I knew I needed to welcome him into the family with his very own DIY. He has brought us so much joy and I love making him a happy pup! He might even get a custom kennel soon….stay tuned.  

DIY Upholstered Bed5 DIY Building Projects To Try Right Now

When we tackled our master bedroom remodel, I knew I wanted to replace the bed and I fell hard for a designer bed that came with a steep price tag. So I found a way to DIY it! That was over three years ago now and we have never woke up on the floor, so I guess I nailed it 😉 

DIY Outdoor Sofas

5 DIY Building Projects To Try Right Now

We built two of these sofas for the spring One Room Challenge in 2018 where we made over the backyard. They were inspired by a high end set from Restoration Hardware that was definitely not in the budget. Once again, I found a way to build them. They are a fairly easy build and you don’t have to worry about this patio furniture blowing away in the wind! I have received so many messages on Instagram from others who have built these and I LOVE seeing them! Keep them coming 🙂 I also just published a two year update on this DIY answering all your frequently asked questions!

DIY Outdoor Dining Table

5 DIY Building Projects To Try Right Now

Naturally I wanted the matching table to go with my new sofas, so I figured out how to build that too. This was a little more complicated than the sofas, but still totally DIYable in a weekend or two depending on your skill level.

If you are new to building or DIY, having the right tools goes a long way to making your project a success. You can now shop our inventory of tools to help you get started!  

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5 DIY Building Projects to try Right Now

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