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DIY Faux Marble Planter

Last week I finally shared a tutorial on how we built our outdoor dining table. In that tutorial my faux marble planters made their very first internet debut and I got so many questions on them. The good news is, they are so easy and affordable! I made these on whim using mostly items I already had to spruce up our outdoor decor. Spoiler alert, not only are the planters faux marble, but the aloe plants are also fake! Perfect for me because plants usually have a short road to the graveyard with me. It’s true. Just ask my mom, haha!

DIY Faux Marble Planter

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I ventured out into the real world the other day after being on a 3 month hiatus from in person shopping. To say I missed certain stores would be an understatement! I was on a mission to find some faux stems for our entryway table which received a face lift during our big quarantine project. So I put on my mask and packed my hand sanitizer and set out for Hobby Lobby. To my pleasant surprise, they had tons of faux stems on sale and many succulents on clearance! And you know me, clearance is basically my love language, so I was ALL over that! I managed to pick up a few faux aloe plants for only $3.74 marked down from $14.99!DIY Faux Marble Planter

The only issue was, I didn’t have any appropriately sized pots to plant them in. Naturally, I turned to my hoard of decor items in the basement. Seriously, I am a few throw pillows short of being on an episode of hoarders! I stumbled upon these short glass hurricanes and some leftover marble contact paper I bought for another project. I decided to put this surplus to use and convert these glass vessels into faux marble pots.

DIY Faux Marble Planter

This was a very simple and affordable DIY and only took me about an hour to do both. It’s also a great way to re-purpose a container that isn’t pretty or one that simply needs a refresh. To recreate this look you only need a few items.

DIY Faux Marble Planter Supplies

Short Glass Hurricanes
Marble Contact Paper
Faux Aloe Plant (similar)
Pea Gravel
Decorative Rock

You’ll need a short glass hurricane, or a small pot. I have had mine for so long, I don’t even remember when or where I got them, but you can find them at your local craft store or of course Amazon. I do recommend using a vessel that has smooth sides and no details as covering it would get complicated.

First, unroll the contact paper, but do not remove the sticky part yet. Lay the hurricane on its side on the back of the contact paper to determine how much you will need. I did not need much to cover mine, but this will vary based on the size of your container. Cut the contact paper to size.
DIY Faux Marble Planter

Then, slowly peal off the back of the contact paper and line it up with the tops and bottom of the hurricane. DIY Faux Marble PlanterI found it was easiest to roll the hurricane as I pealed more back, keeping it very taught to prevent as many air bubbles as possible. Do this until the seams meet and cut off any excess. Then take a credit card or something similar and smooth out any air pockets.DIY Faux Marble Planter

DIY Faux Marble Planter

I then filled my faux marble planters with pea gravel, placing my fake aloe plants in the center. You could use another filler if you like as long as it holds your plant in place. I always have pea gravel on hand because you can get a big bag at Home Depot for less than $5. DIY Faux Marble PlanterI topped my planter off with a few decorative river rocks I already had. These are totally optional, but I liked the finished look.

DIY Faux Marble Planter

Now I have the perfect natural accessory for our patio table and I made it mostly with items I already had! The best part is, it’s crazy simple and these don’t need watered!DIY Faux Marble Planter DIY Faux Marble PlanterDIY Faux Marble Planter DIY Faux Marble Planter DIY Faux Marble PlanterDIY Faux Marble Planter DIY Faux Marble Planter

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DIY Faux Marble Planter

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