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Ikea Lurt Towel Rack Hack

Last week I shared our Master Bath Renovation Reveal and today I want to talk about one of my favorite DIYs from the bathroom, my Ikea Lurt Towel Rack Hack. There were so many choices made in the bathroom design and while some of them were easy off the rack items, it wouldn’t be a project of mine if I didn’t make or customize some things 😉 I tried to keep the customization to a minimum since there was already so much to do, but the one thing I couldn’t just buy was a towel rack.

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Ikea Lurt Towel Rack Hack

Honestly, I looked high and low for a towel rack I liked. We used to have an over the door towel rack like this, but I didn’t want to clutter up my new barn door with towels since they would have to hang on the front. Not to mention it would be a bit of a reach to grab a towel from the shower. I knew I wanted hooks, but I just didn’t love any of the pre-made options. A lot of them were either super generic, not the right style or way too expensive. So when I came across the Ikea Lurt, my wheels began to turn.

Ikea Lurt Towel Rack Hack

Although this is just a simple piece of white wood, it sure saved me the time of cutting, drilling and and attaching mounting hardware on the back at exactly 16 inches apart to hit the studs. Thank you Ikea for saving me the trouble for $3!

You are probably thinking, how is this not generic? Well it is, which is why there is more. If you read my bathroom reveal post last week, you know I customized this generic floating vanity with some gold square pulls and a wood frame. It turns out, they also make small gold knobs that match the vanity. Ikea Lurt Towel Rack HackIf mounted vertically, these gold pulls made a perfect hook for a towel! To mimic the vanity design, I added some simple stained trim to the outside of the Ikea Lurt. Ikea Lurt Towel Rack HackFirst, I had to stain the trim to match the frame around the vanity.Ikea Lurt Towel Rack Hack

Then we attached the trim to the Ikea Lurt with the nail gun.

Ikea Lurt Towel Rack Hack

As I mentioned above, the back of the Lurt has mounting hardware already in place at 16 inches, which should hit a stud on each side. Luckily, our studs fell in just the right spot to line everything up! I swear, that never happens to me! I marked the studs on the wall and then used my favorite trick to hang the new towel rack. Seriously guys, if you take nothing else away from this post, put this one in your back pocket because it works EVERY time!Ikea Lurt Towel Rack Hack

Now I have a stylish towel rack that coordinates with our semi custom vanity for less than $30!

Ikea Lurt Towel Rack HackIkea Lurt Towel Rack HackIkea Lurt Towel Rack HackIkea Lurt Towel Rack Hack Ikea Lurt Towel Rack Hack Ikea Lurt Towel Rack Hack

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Ikea Lurt Towel Rack Hack

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