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Ikea Fniss Modern Planter Hack

Happy Friday everyone! Today I want to talk about one of the easiest Ikea hacks I have done yet. If you have been following me for a while, you know I LOVE me some Ikea. I am frugal and creative so it is no surprise that Ikea hacks are right up my alley. And with a second Ikea coming to the Denver metro area in 2019, you can bet this will not be my last Ikea hack 🙂 I am pretty stoked! 

Ikea Fniss Modern Planter HackThis post contains affiliate links.

If you saw our Casual Modern Backyard Patio Reveal I did for the Spring One Room Challenge, you likely saw my super easy Ikea hack. For some time I have desperately wanted some taller, modern planters but holy cow they are expensive! Being the budget conscious person I am, I could not justify $100+ for a pot. So I got creative with the Ikea Fniss trash can. And the best part is it is only $0.99! Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than that!

IKEA Fniss Modern Planter Hack

Ikea Fniss Modern Planter Hack

If you haven’t gathered from the photos yet, I stacked two trash cans on top of each other, one with the open side down, and one with the open side up. Easy peasy!

I used these planters for my ferns, which are real by the way! A few people have asked, so I thought I should clear that up 🙂 I found them at our Kroger grocery store equivalent, of all places! And because ferns don’t love a ton of sun and we get a lot of high winds, I did not attach the two pots. I wanted the flexibility to remove the top pot from the bottom pot with ease and move my ferns into the shade or shelter them from the wind. However, they can easily be glued together from the bottom of each pot. I personally would use Gorilla glue because I have some left over from my Giant Word Game project, but you could use a construction adhesive as well.Ikea Fniss Modern Planter Hack

For only $1.98 each, I now have two modern planters and I didn’t have to break the bank! And since they are plastic, they are easy to move around and weather resistant!

Ikea Fniss Modern Planter Hack Ikea Fniss Modern Planter Hack Ikea Fniss Modern Planter Hack

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Ikea Fniss Modern Planter Hack

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  1. I was planning to do something similar, but with some Rust-Oleum spray paint and a nickle finish. When I get it done, I’ll share some pic. If you have any hacks for a large slanted planter, let me know. The best I have seen are some large slanted salad bowls for about $7 on Amazon. Those will look great as a set on some steps!

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