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Ikea Fniss Side Table Hack

Remember earlier this summer when I hacked the $0.99 Ikea Fniss trash can and turned it into a modern planter? Well, I did it again! When I purchased the trash cans for my planters I bought a few extra because there is something about buying stuff for less than a dollar that makes you think you need more, am I right? So naturally when I tackled my One Room Zero Dollar Makeover, my extra trash cans were just screaming “use me!”Ikea Fniss Side Table HackThis post contains affiliate links.

If you missed the One Room Zero Dollar Makeover, be sure to check it out. As the name suggests, I made over a tired space for NO MONEY! The only way to do that is to use things you already have. Since these trash cans were just collecting dust in the basement screaming out, pick me, I just couldn’t resist finding away to use them. To me, the obvious choice was to make a side table for the chaise lounge. If I am being completely honest, this was really because I wanted a place to set my glass of wine 🙂 Then among a pile of chaos in a dark corner of the basement, I saw this slab of stone.Ikea Fniss Side Table Hack

We originally received this from the fabricator who installed our kitchen countertops to use as a cutting board or serving tray but it is SO heavy and such a pain to move around I basically never used it. Luckily, I kept it anyway because hoarding home decor is what I do. Now it would make the perfect top to my side table! If you don’t just happen to have an extra slab of stone hanging out in your basement, here are a few alternatives on Amazon, World Market, Wayfair, and Crate & Barrel. You could also source your local Craig’s List for a remnant or make your own faux top out of scrap wood and contact paper. Our slab measures 16×20.

Ikea Fniss Side Table Hack

Since I was using such a heavy piece on top, I decided to attach the two trash cans with a bolt we had lying around in the garage. I would imagine Gorilla Glue or construction adhesive would also work. Ikea Fniss Side Table HackFirst, we drilled a hole in the bottom of each trash can.Ikea Fniss Side Table Hack

Then we secured the two pieces by stacking them flat side to flat side with the bolt through both ends and the nut firmly tightened. Ikea Fniss Side Table Hack Ikea Fniss Side Table HackOnce the trash cans were in place, we added the stone slab. Since the stone weighs about 25lbs or so, I did not glue it to the trash cans. However, if you have young children, I HIGHLY suggest you glue it in place to avoid any accidents 🙂

I topped it off with a few design books (Dream Home & Flea Market Fabulous) and a candle and I was done! Ikea Fniss Side Table Hack

For zero dollars, I not only created a useful table to hold my glass of wine while I relax, but I also managed to save three items from basement purgatory! I am calling that a win, win 🙂Ikea Fniss Side Table Hack Ikea Fniss Side Table Hack Ikea Fniss Side Table Hack Ikea Fniss Side Table Hack Ikea Fniss Side Table Hack Ikea Fniss Side Table Hack

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Ikea Fniss Side Table Hack

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