Summer Backyard Fun and Games

Happy Friday Friends! The weather is warming up and everyone is eager to get outside! Considering how much time we have spent inside the last few months, we are definitely a part of that crowd. Earlier this week I shared my favorite backyard game and how we made it, but I realize not everyone is down for DIY or owns power tools. So today I wanted to share some fun summer time fun and games we can all add to our arsenal to make family time or adult time in our own backyards a bit more exciting! Garrison Street Design Studio - Summer Backyard Fun and GamesThis post contains affiliate links. For more information, please see my policies.

It wouldn’t be summertime without some outdoor fun, am I right? For many of us, outdoor time looks a little different this year with social distancing, but I am here to tell you summer can still be fun! Between yard games, giant games and water activities, there is something for everyone in the family. I must admit, I have my eye on that slip ‘n slide and I may or may not be trying to convince Barry to add a pool to the backyard 😉 More on that later!

Summer Backyard Fun a& Games

Garrison Street Design Studio - Summer Backyard Fun and Games

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Can we talk about number three for a minute? Now this one is definitely geared towards adults, but did you know putt putt beer pong corn hole was a thing? I am sure a creative college student invented this one and I am a little jealous we didn’t have this game when I was in school! But now that I know about it, I am dying to try it! One thing is for sure, these activities can definitely keep the fun flowing all summer long. So if you are looking for ideas to keep your family occupied until the pools, parks, and summer camps open back up, give these a try!

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Garrison Street Design Studio - Summer Backyard Fun and Games

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