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DIY Giant Block Tower Yard Game

Over the weekend, we had some warmer temperatures here in Colorado, and we took advantage by spending some time in the backyard doing a little bit of yard cleanup, a little bit of planting, and a little bit of fun! I shared some pictures of us playing giant Jenga in my stories and started to receive a lot of questions on how we made it. The truth is, we made our giant Jenga years ago, but since we are all ready for a little summer outdoor fun, I wanted to teach you how to make your own in only three easy steps! You may even have scrap wood on hand you can use 🙂DIY Giant Block Tower Yard GameThis post contains affiliate links. For more information, please see my policies.

I still remember when I saw a giant Jenga set for the very first time at a local downtown bar when we first moved to Denver. I knew immediately I wanted one and lucky for me, it was super simple to DIY. If you have never played, my first questions is, what?! When I was just a kid I remember getting a normal Jenga set for Christmas one year and playing it as a family over and over. Now, the giant version is one of my favorite yard games to play.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT recommend giant Jenga for indoor use. The blocks are substantial enough to cause real damage to furniture, floors or other items in close proximity. DO NOT play on glass surfaces.

How to make Giant Jenga Yard Game
Step 1:

Cut 2x4s down to 10.5 inch pieces. Our game has 54 pieces. If you use 8ft long 2x4s, you will need six 2x4s, assuming you measure all your cuts correctly on the first try. Depending on where you live, that should cost around $20.DIY Giant Block Tower Yard Game

Step 2:

Sand each piece to smooth out rough edges. This avoids splinters and helps the blocks slide a little better. I used our orbital sander because you all know how much I hate sanding things, haha!DIY Giant Block Tower Yard Game

Step 3:

Play! See, I told you it was super easy!DIY Giant Block Tower Yard Game

How to play

I assume most folks know how to play, but in case you don’t…. Stack the blocks in sets of three, alternating directions. Taking turns, each player pulls a block from the tower somewhere below the first three full rows of blocks and adds it to the top of the stack trying not to cause the tower to fall. The player who causes the tower to fall loses.DIY Giant Block Tower Yard GameFor storage and stacking, we use wood crates I found at the craft store. Two crates hold all the blocks and we turn one upside down and use it as the flat surface to play on. No additional building required. I do not recommend playing on any surface you care about as it will get beat up and definitely no glass!DIY Giant Block Tower Yard GameDIY Giant Block Tower Yard GameThis simple DIY yard game has given us hours of fun and laughs! Given the unique summer we are all facing, having some family backyard fun on hand might just be what the doctor ordered. We have even played a virtual game with friends and Marvin has even tried to get in on the action. DIY Giant Block Tower Yard GameDIY Giant Block Tower Yard GameDIY Giant Block Tower Yard GameIf you enjoyed my DIY Giant Block Tower Yard Game, please share it on Facebook or hover over an image and save to Pinterest! And if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, I would love for us to be friends!DIY Giant Block Tower Yard GameLove new ideas and projects? Subscribe to receive DIY and design inspiration delivered straight to your inbox! Plus you will receive access to all my free printables, which are exclusively available to my awesome subscribers as my way of thanking you for your continued support!

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