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DIY Modern Christmas Tree Collar

Christmas is my favorite holiday and definitely my favorite to decorate for. But like all decor, I love changing things up! This year I wanted the Christmas vibe to be simple, modern, and neutral to compliment the newly renovated family room. One of the key components is of course the Christmas tree. While I have added several small DIYs to the tree this year, I wanted to address a big one, the base. Christmas tree collars have been all the rage, but I have yet to find a modern version. So, you guessed it, I made one! It was a very easy project and I am going to show you how to make your own Modern DIY Christmas Tree Collar.

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DIY Modern Christmas Tree Collar

1 – 1x12x8 Common Board
2 – 1x2x8 Boards
Nail Gun 
Black Paint
Painters Tape
Sliding 12inch Miter Saw 

Before the modern Christmas tree collar, my tree looked like this. Not only was it lacking pizzazz, but I can’t stand to see the cords! Speaking of, if you don’t have a smart plug for your Christmas tree, you are missing out! I love asking Google to turn on the Christmas tree every night 🙂 DIY Modern Christmas Tree Collar

Step 1

Pick up a 1x12x8 common board from your local hardware store. Mine cost less than $18.DIY Modern Christmas Tree Collar

Step 2

Measure the stand on your Christmas tree to determine how large to make your Christmas tree collar. Mine is 21×18, but they do vary in size, so make sure to measure first. Then make four cuts to accommodate the base. I cut two pieces to 21.75 inches and two to 19.75 inches using our sliding miter saw. I used my first piece as a template for the second. If you do not have a saw, you can ask your hardware store to cut the wood for you. I used the entire width of the board, so no rip cuts were required. DIY Modern Christmas Tree Collar

Step 3

Make a box with the four pieces of wood. The top and bottom of the box will be open as this is where the Christmas tree stand will sit. I used our clamps to help hold the box together before nailing it. You don’t need clamps, but it does make this step easier. I used 1.25 inch nails in the nail gun to attach the four pieces with butt joints. DIY Modern Christmas Tree Collar

Step 4

Paint or stain the box. I chose to paint mine black with leftover paint I had on hand from the stock tank pool. The actual color name is black. Clearly the person in charge of naming paint that day was hungover. Even a third grader can be more creative than that, haha! I used a foam roller and only painted the outside of my tree collar, but I wish I had painted the inside as well. At just the right angle I can see the unpainted wood. DIY Modern Christmas Tree Collar

Step 5

To add some additional modern detail to my Christmas tree collar, I cut strips of wood from some scraps I had leftover from the fireplace makeover. I cut five pieces per side, for a total of 20 pieces. The scraps I used were leftovers from long rip cuts but you can easily use 1x2s instead. This particular wood is beetle kill pine, so it has a bit of blue gray coloring to it. DIY Modern Christmas Tree Collar DIY Modern Christmas Tree Collar

Step 6

Use the nail gun to attach the strips to the Christmas tree collar. To help me decide on the placement, I used some painters tape to get a visual before nailing them in place. I chose to leave my wood strips natural to compliment the rest of the rooms décor, but you can definitely stain or paint them if you like. DIY Modern Christmas Tree Collar

Step 7

Place your Christmas tree inside the tree collar. Because our tree was already up and decorated when I decided to make this on a whim, this part was a bit tricky. Ideally, it’s best to place the collar before the tree is assembled, but we managed to pull it off with few ornament casualties. PS, I only use plastic ornaments because, life happens. DIY Modern Christmas Tree Collar

This was a super easy DIY done in a day! It adds a nice finished feel to our Christmas tree and works really well with the new mantel and picture ledge. Not to mention, it’s the natural modern vibe I was really after! DIY Modern Christmas Tree Collar

Because I already had the paint and some scrap wood on hand, I was able to build this modern Christmas tree collar for less than $20!DIY Modern Christmas Tree CollarDIY Modern Christmas Tree Collar

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DIY Modern Christmas Tree Collar

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