Cabinet Hardware For Every Style

Happy Friday Friends! As we all grow a little anxious while staying in, many of us are resorting to home improvement projects to occupy our time. We are definitely in that boat at our house! Follow me on Facebook to see what project we are currently tackling 😉 Last week I was asked by a family member for some suggestions on kitchen cabinet hardware. This can definitely be a daunting task and I figured this person was not alone. So today I am going to share some of my favorite cabinet hardware for every style!Cabinet Hardware For Every Style
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Cabinet hardware is a simple way to add a lot of style to a kitchen, bathroom, or even a piece of furniture. But let’s be honest for a minute. It can also get very expensive very quickly. I have been swapping out hardware since my first apartment in college, so trust me when I tell you it doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Big box stores and online retailers are rescuing the everyday DIYer from cabinet hardware bankruptcy! Here are some of my top cabinet pull picks in black, brass, and nickel. Yes, I said brass, but it is not your grandmother’s brass. Gold is back in a big way and if you don’t believe me, take a look at our master bathroom renovation and my IKEA towel rack. I even used number 13 in our bathroom!

Cabinet Hardware for Every Style

Garrison Street Design Studio - Cabinet Hardware For Every Style

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For only a few hundred dollars, you can add high style to blah cabinets or furniture. To step up your style game even more and make a room feel highly curated, don’t be afraid to mix your metals either! You can absolutely have different colored hardware from your light fixtures. With the days feeling like weeks, now is the perfect time to start checking off some overdue projects.

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Cabinet Hardware For Every Style

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