5 Easy DIY Art Ideas

The other day I had an epiphany. Almost all the art on our walls is the result of one of my DIY creations. There are a few pieces here and there that are store bought, but almost all is DIY. Some pieces were the result of a budget friendly option and others were just inspired creations. Either way, I am here to tell you DIY art can look amazing and I am going to share 5 easy DIY art ideas you can recreate for your home! 5 Easy DIY Art Ideas

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5 Easy DIY Art Ideas

Art means something different to everyone, but to me art is the jewelry to a room. Normally I choose art for a space near the end of my design process and I choose it based on the overall feel of the room. With that in mind, I have never felt compelled to spend large amounts of money on art because I may change the design in a few years and I don’t ever want to feel married to a piece of art just because it was expensive. In fact, the more budget friendly it is, the happier it tends to make me, haha! Spoiler alert. All these DIY art options are also super affordable! 


Garrison Street Design Studio - 5 Easy DIY Art Ideas

A few years ago we renovated our master bathroom. I mixed a lot of materials in here but kept the color pallet fairly neutral. So when it came to art, I wanted to add a punch of color. There isn’t a ton of wall space in here so I chose to add one large canvas art print that I painted myself. I already had the canvas left over from another project and simply painted over it with white paint and went to town. I used a variety of leftover wall paint, samples and craft paints and framed the canvas when I was done. This easy DIY art only cost me the wood to frame it! I call this piece Tragic Ski Slope. 

DIY Framed Fabric Art

Garrison Street Design Studio - 5 Easy DIY Art Ideas

Years ago I was on the hunt for art in the dining room when I saw some fabric that called out my name. The pattern was perfect and it added an element of texture the space needed. I found two inexpensive frames at HomeGoods and added the fabric. It was that EASY! The best part is the fabric can be oriented differently to create a second look and it can be turned around! I recent swapped sides and have the dark side of the fabric showing. The cost, less than $50 including the frames!  


Garrison Street Design Studio - 5 Easy DIY Art Ideas

Map art has become quite popular in the last few years and something I have always loved! This large wall is a focal point in the entry of our home and I have been searching for just the right piece for years. When I came across a website that allowed me to change the colors and remove labels on maps of my choosing, I knew this is what I had been searching for! I found the large frames on sale and had the maps printed at Staples. Total cost, about $50 BUT I also got a third frame out of the sale to use somewhere else! 

Easy DIY Framed Sharpie Art

Garrison Street Design Studio - 5 Easy DIY Art Ideas

When we renovated our master bedroom, art was the last item I addressed. Like many other rooms, there was not a large amount of wall space to cover. I had some simple black frames with white mattes on hand so I decided to DIY a few pieces. I used sample paint that matched the bed we made, a flat canvas panel, and a gold sharpie! These were such easy DIY art pieces! Since I had the frames already it was less than $20!   

Stock Photo Gallery Wall

Garrison Street Design Studio - 5 Easy DIY Art Ideas

If you have a subscription to Adobe or Canva (I have both) they include access to hundreds of stock images you can download and print. This is exactly what I used for the gallery wall in our living room. I chose images of places that were significant to us and some fun ones I liked. I printed all of these on our home printer and 24lb paper which is just a bit nicer than regular copy paper. I already had the frames on hand so this only cost me printer ink. Tip, when doing a gallery wall, printing in black and white helps make all the prints look like they go together instead of competing with one another.   


Garrison Street Design Studio - 5 Easy DIY Art Ideas

A few weeks ago I shared the tutorial on how to build our eight foot long art ledge. If you caught that post you may recall that I created ALL of the art on the ledge! I created the map the same way I did the maps in our living room. I drew the abstract family portrait on the end in Microsoft paint. The ski lift picture is a stock image I printed. All the other art prints are graphics I created and have added to my FREE printable library, including the oversized print! (That’s the third frame I mentioned above 😉 )

Which DIY Art method are you going to try first? 

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