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Spice Cabinet Organization

Hello my friends! It’s the last week of January and I wanted to squeeze in one more much needed organization post. Although many people found themselves learning how to be masters in the kitchen this last year, we have always enjoyed cooking. And when I say we, I mean Barry, haha! I really did find the man of my dreams……who cooks. Ok, I cook some, but usually I am just drinking wine. Anyway, when you eat a lot of meals at home, you develop quite the spice collection. Ours was a bit difficult to navigate, so I did what I do best and set out to make our spice cabinet organization pretty. You ready to see how easy it was?   

Spice Cabinet Organization

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While our house is older, it does have a semi new kitchen, but drawer space is a hot commodity. As such we don’t have a spacious drawer to hold spices or a pull out. We have a spice cabinet. Not that I am complaining, but it just needed to be tweaked a bit to maximize the space we have. 

Garrison Street Design Studio - Spice Cabinet Organization

I am definitely thankful to have a cabinet right by the stove to store spices, but somehow it always seemed to be a chaotic mess. You know, the kind where you have to basically take out everything to find the one thing you are looking for. Can you say frustrating?! And if its that annoying to find in the first place, what is the likelihood you put it back? I will give you two guesses but I bet you only need one.

Goal #1 – Make Everything Visable without having to remove items

My goal was to create an organization system that was easy to maintain and sustainable! This is huge! Anyone can organize a space and make it look pretty for now, but if it isn’t maintainable, you will be organizing all over again in a few months. I learned that lesson long ago and have applied it to my closet and our hall closet with great success! This is what the inside of the spice cabinet looked like before. A hot mess! Garrison Street Design Studio - Spice Cabinet Organization

Ok, don’t laugh. You know those “as seen on TV” products? Well, I may have fallen for one, but they don’t all suck! In fact, the spicy shelf was the answer to my spice cabinet  organization problems! And no one paid me to say that!Garrison Street Design Studio - Spice Cabinet Organization

Spice Cabinet Organization
Step 1

Take everything out. I mean it, everything! I know a lot of people really dislike this part, but it is necessary. When you leave items in place, you cannot see past the configuration you already have, leading to your same old habits, which are likely bad ones. This will also give you a chance to see long lost items and duplicates.Garrison Street Design Studio - Spice Cabinet Organization

Step 2

Reconfigure. This part was really important. The spice cabinet had so much wasted vertical space. I could have easily just added another shelf, but I still would not have been able to see the items in the back. So I decided to try the Spicy Shelf. Initially I used the legs it came with, but they seemed to take up valuable space in an already small cabinet. Instead, I used the spicy shelves with cabinet shelf pegs. This was just the right solution.  Garrison Street Design Studio - Spice Cabinet Organization

I also decided to add some shelf liner to the bottom of the cabinet that I had leftover from my Under the Kitchen Sink Organization. Garrison Street Design Studio - Spice Cabinet Organization

Step 3

Size matters. We all know there are a plethora of options at the grocery store when it comes to spices. But each store has their own generic brands, specialty spices, and of course bulk options. Unfortunately, that also means they are all different sizes. Keeping items in consistently sized containers is a game changer for organization. I already had a bunch of spices in glass jars I got in a set like this from Costco, but I also had a ton of mismatched sizes too. So I ordered replacement jars for all the other spices and transferred all my spices to glass jars.Garrison Street Design Studio - Spice Cabinet Organization

I know this seems like quite the task, but I 100% think it was worth it! Not only does it make things look pretty, but it allowed me to fit SO much more in this cabinet. As I mentioned before, we do cook a lot so we probably have more spices than the average person, but fitting everything in here was the goal. I was able to fit 45 spice jars in the cabinet. Mission accomplished! 

Step 4

Label everything. The spice jars I ordered did come with pre-printed labels, but I found there were several spices we had that were not included as well as some specific blends I make myself. Because I wanted everything to look the same, I made my own custom labels to accommodate all the spices we have. I also made a sheet of extra spices for the future, this way I have everything ready to go! I have added these labels to my FREE printables library along with a blank sheet to customize. They are already formatted for Avery 6521 labels. All you have to do is print!  Garrison Street Design Studio - Spice Cabinet Organization

As you can see there are some spices at the top still in their original store bought containers. I do plan to convert those in time. When we run out of a spice, I only buy this specific brand now that comes in the exact same glass containers I ordered. I recycle the glass jars and re-label them once they have been used. This way all the spices stay consistent. It is also a great method if you have a store that allows you to purchase spices by the ounce or scoop like Sprouts.  

Garrison Street Design Studio - Spice Cabinet Organization

Step 5

Enjoy cooking a little more now that you can see all your spices and you know when you are running low. When I see we are almost out of a spice, I just tell Google to add it to my shopping list so I don’t forget the next time I am at the store.

Life changing tip

Ok, maybe not life changing, but sanity saving for sure! I always hated how almost none of my measuring spoons fit in the spice jars. I constantly found myself cutting measurements in half and just using more scoops because the 1/2 tsp was the only spoon that fit in the jar. BUT that all changed when I got these for Christmas! THEY ALL FIT in these jars! I am telling you, if you cook a lot this will make you a happier camper in the kitchen! Garrison Street Design Studio - Spice Cabinet Organization

There is just something about checking off an organization project that makes me feel SO good! Like a weight has been lifted! Up next on my organizing agenda is our linen closet. Check out my stories on Instagram to see what I have in store 😉Garrison Street Design Studio - Spice Cabinet Organization

Garrison Street Design Studio - Spice Cabinet Organization

Have I motivated you to organize your Spice cabinet? 

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Garrison Street Design Studio - Spice Cabinet Organization

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Garrison Street Design Studio - Spice Cabinet Organization

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Spice Cabinet Organization

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