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Patio Ceiling and Lights

Hey guys! Welcome to week 2 of the One Room Challenge! If you missed week 1, start there first. One of the major items on the to do list for the backyard patio makeover is the ceiling of the covered patio. Now don’t get me wrong, I love having a covered patio, just don’t look up, haha! Seriously though, it’s pretty ugly. I know, I know, I started with the boring part, but it has been plaguing me big time so I wanted to get it out of the way!

Garrison Street Design Studio - Patio Ceiling and LightsThis post contains affiliate links.

Problem 1 | The Patio CeilingGarrison Street Design Studio - Patio Ceiling and LightsGarrison Street Design Studio - Patio Ceiling and Lights

I was never really fond of the ceiling out here, for obvious reasons, but it just wasn’t a priority. Until now. I would love to tell you I had an amazing plan for this, but that would be a giant lie. I thought I wanted to do some sort of slatted ceiling, like this. But when I realized how much it would cost and how much time it would take to not only put up but to stain each piece, I wanted to hurt someone. You know I am all about a good DIY, but I already have us building patio furniture for this project, so time just wouldn’t allow for this. Plus, if we added slats, the ceiling height would come down by about 7 inches and I wasn’t really in favor of that. Moral of the story, no slatted ceiling. So in the eleventh hour I decided there was never a problem I couldn’t fix with a good can of paint, so paint it we did!Garrison Street Design Studio - Patio Ceiling and Lights

And despite the agony of painting a ceiling, I think it looks SO much better!Garrison Street Design Studio - Patio Ceiling and Lights

Problem 2 | Patio LightsGarrison Street Design Studio - Patio Ceiling and Lights

In my original plan to add slats, we would also re-wire the patio lights, hiding all the electrical. Well that wasn’t going to happen now. And if you are wondering, yes, that is a birds nest above that light. I hated removing the lights, but without adding some sort of drop ceiling, I didn’t see another way. So we took the lights down and I found this wall fixture instead. It’s simple, modern, and you can’t beat the price!Garrison Street Design Studio - Patio Ceiling and Lights

Fearful the wall fixture wouldn’t be enough, I also went on the hunt for something battery powered. After far too much time surfing Amazon (thank goodness for two day shipping!) I decided on these puck lights that operate on a remote control. We mounted them in the same location as the old patio lights. And coupled with the new wall fixture, we now have sufficient lighting back here with NO cords!!! My heart is doing the happy dance! Garrison Street Design Studio - Patio Ceiling and Lights

Problem 3 | Chandelier 

I totally had my heart set on a chandelier/pendant lights for over the dining table we have yet to build. But since we removed all the electrical, my chandelier would also have to be battery powered. Luckily, I had every intention of DIYing this and I could totally improvise. And the battery powered lights I ordered for the ceiling came in a pack of six but I only used three for the ceiling. So I have a plan to DIY this but because of my eleventh hour change to nix the electrical, I am still waiting on a part. I hope to have this ready for next week, but until then, this is my inspiration light fixture to hold you over.Garrison Street Design Studio - Patio Ceiling and Lights

Join me again next week to see how our furniture building is going. I’m not going to lie, I am a bit terrified of this part. The only furniture we have ever built from scratch is our upholstered bed. So my fingers are crossed this works out!

Sign up here so you don’t miss any of our progress! Next week is going to be a good one!

Don’t forget to stop by the One Room Challenge to check out all the other participants. There is a ton of talent here!Garrison Street Design Studio - Patio Ceiling and Lights

Garrison Street Design Studio - Patio Ceiling and Lights

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    1. Thanks girl! The paint color was actually something we already had for the posts so that’s one decision I didn’t have to make 😉

  1. Wow amazing what a coat of paint can do! Looking great so far. I have on my to do list making patio furniture as well. I am sure it will turn out amazing.

    1. Thank you Tiffany! Paint is always a game changer. I am pretty happy with how our furniture has turned out so far. Now we just have to figure out the table 😉

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