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Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

Not only is it November already but it’s also week five of the One Room Challenge! I am both excited and a little nervous about finishing everything in the next week. Fingers crossed everything goes as planned. If you missed the beginning, the DIY Cable Railing, How I Almost Got Murdered Over Paint, or my MCM Furniture Glow Up, start with those first. As promised, this week I transformed our wet bar by giving it a modern makeover with a floating shelf. Even though this week started off a little rough and involved a saw, nail gun, and a full moon on Halloween, no one got murdered. With only one week left, I don’t think its likely I will get my own episode of Unsolved Mysteries, but we will see 😉

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Before we dive into the how, first we must visit the why. When we first bought our dated 70s house it was a bit frightening all around, but the wet bar was truly a tragedy.  

WET Bar Before Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

In case there is any doubt in your mind, those are indeed faux leather countertops. Not kidding. Obviously, those had to go and the folks that built our house were likely on drugs. We replaced the countertop and faucet when we made over the kitchen several years back giving the wet bar a little facelift. When we started this makeover five weeks ago, this is what the bar looked like. Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

Not terrible but definitely not great either. This was what I like to refer to as the lipstick phase where I make it better than it was but it still hasn’t hit its full potential. The first piece of the design came on a trip to IKEA. I stumbled across these pendent shades on clearance for only $3.99! With no real plan, I bought 3 of them, because I knew I would come up with something.Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

When the week started off, I was planning to build in a custom wine rack that I shared on Instagram. Let’s just say that didn’t go as planned. Luckily, I realized it wouldn’t work before I spent hours cutting wood. The good news was, I liked my new plan even better. We had some leftover 1x2s from the living room accent wall and that got my wheels turning. 

Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

Rather than doing vertical slats like the living room or the grid pattern I did in the hallway, I decided to do alternating half vertical slats. To make sure I was happy with the pattern before cutting, I taped it out on the wall. This actually really helped speed up the cutting. 

Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

Then of course I had to sand them. Sadly, our seven year old sander had enough and bit the big one right as I turned it on. I had been thinking about getting a new one for a while because the power button was broken so this time sanding was a little more enjoyable with a slightly upgraded version. Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

Once all the pieces were cut to size, I knew exactly where they were supposed to go and simply pulled off the tape one one piece at a time and attached them to wall with the nail gun

Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

The Floating Shelf

We had some extra wood from the fireplace mantle addition and chose to do a floating shelf in the middle of the alternating slats. This was honestly a little bit of an experiment because we attached it straight to the studs with pocket holes. I really wanted a true floating shelf with no visible brackets or wood. 

Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

Because the wet bar has light granite and I wanted the wood of the floating shelf  to stand out, I painted the wall black 🙂 When in doubt, paint it black! Seriously, Iron Ore just might be my favorite paint color.

Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

To play off the fireplace and add some contrast, I painted wet bar cabinets with the leftover paint from the brick. 

Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

Since I chose to go dark on the accent wall, I decided to spray paint my pendant light from IKEA to make it stand out a bit more.

Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

I am honestly shocked with how the wet bar and floating shelf turned out, especially since this plan did not come together until Sunday at the eleventh hour! It feels so grown up, sophisticated and modern now! Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

Now all I want to do is have happy hour at my bar! Not that I needed an excuse before 😉 I mean there is a reason we haven’t turned this into a closet like so many other homes in our neighborhood. Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

Since I used mostly items I had leftover, this bar makeover only cost $20 for the new light! Can you believe that?!

Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

I also managed to get a few other items checked off the list like my curtains, (sneak peak on Instagram ) but you are just going to have to wait until the final reveal to see all of that 😉 Join me again next week to see how it all comes together and to make sure no one gets murdered.  

Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

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Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

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Don’t forget to stop by the One Room Challenge to check out all the other participants and their progress so far! There are so may talented designers in this group, you will not be disappointed!
Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

Modern Wet Bar With Floating Shelf

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