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EASY Laundry Room Organization

Happy Friday everyone! I must say I am a bit more joyful than normal over here and that is because I just completed some super easy laundry room organization which I am going to share with you today. I will be honest, I HATE doing laundry! If we won the lottery and could spend money frivolously, I would outsource laundry. True story! 

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My severe hatred of the age old task stems from a few issues. 1) We don’t really have a real laundry room. We have a laundry closet. It’s very small and it’s under the stairs so we have one of those useless slanty ceilings to add to the frustration. 2) I hang dry 90% of our clothes. Why? Because I still want my clothes to fit after I wash them and heat destroys clothes. And when you have a cramped laundry closet, this makes things annoying because there isn’t much space to hang things. I have grand plans of reworking the laundry room to solve some of this by stacking the washer and dryer and providing solid hanging space, but that is not happening today. For this mini makeover/organization session, I am starting small and making the space more manageable without any major changes or major time. Here is the before. EASY Laundry Room Organization

Easy Laundry Room Organization

Because the space is small, chronic disorganization is a reoccurring issue. So that is where I am starting. As I discussed in my 5 Tips to Designing Your Dream Closet, giving things a proper home helps keep organization under control. So I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up several plastic bins to corral the items on the shelves. You can buy these online in bulk, but to get only one color you will have to shop your local store. If you don’t have a Dollar Tree nearby, I will link to some other great options at the end of this post 🙂EASY Laundry Room Organization

I grouped like items in each bin and labeled them with clear labels I printed.EASY Laundry Room Organization

Now I can easily grab a bin and find what I am looking for without rearranging everything to get to one item! This is a KEY component to keeping things organized and tidy. If extra effort is required to find things and put them away, you will never do it.EASY Laundry Room Organization

Before, all of our Dyson attachments were scattered on the shelves to the right of the dryer. I was constantly trying to locate the one I needed because they didn’t have a specified home. Now, all the small attachments fit in one bin and the larger floor attachments fit nicely on the shelf next to the Dyson.EASY Laundry Room Organization

I even found a mini trash can for lint and a small container for clothes pins!EASY Laundry Room Organization

Now don’t get me wrong, this laundry room will still see major changes in the future, but until then, this makes my laundry doing experience much less stressful! And all for less than $10! Isn’t it amazing what some storage bins can do? EASY Laundry Room Organization EASY Laundry Room Organization EASY Laundry Room Organization EASY Laundry Room OrganizationEASY Laundry Room Organization

If your laundry room or any room for that matter needs some organization help, check out these stylish yet functional storage bins!EASY Laundry Room Organization

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EASY Laundry Room Organization

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