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Easy DIY Shed Organization

I think we can all admit to having a space somewhere around the house that seems impossible to keep organized. We have several, but today I want to talk about our shed. The shed has always been a problem for us. Mostly because we seem to shuffle things between it and the garage and never really solve any of the problem areas. But since we have completed the Stock Tank Pool, it has become more of an issue since we have a new collection of pool rafts to store as well. Enough was enough and it was time to get the shed under control, once and for all! Easy DIY Shed OrganizationThis post contains affiliate links. For more information, please see my policies.

History of the shed

Before we dive into the shed itself, I want to give a little background on our issues. We do have a two car garage, but with the amount of hail we get in Colorado, it’s vital we be able to park both our cars in the garage. Lucky for us, our garage is over-sized and does provide room for tools, bikes, and of course our beer fridge. The important things 🙂 But the largest struggle we have had over the years is when the garage gets too crowded we shuffle stuff to the shed and when the shed gets overcrowded, items get shuffled back to the garage. It has been a never ending battle! Last year we did clean out the garage quite a bit and really got a handle on finding everything a home. You can see this project in my Insta story highlights. As such, we have been diligently trying not to pollute the garage with any unnecessary items. Here is a before view of the shed. Easy DIY Shed Organization

As you can see it is nothing short of a hot mess! To get to anything other than the lawnmower, you have to dig your way through the pile of stuff on the left. Not exactly our finest hour as far as organization goes. So we started by taking everything out. I know this part seems like a pain but I promise this helps! When you don’t take everything out of a space, your mind has a hard time getting past what you have become accustomed to. By removing everything, new possibilities become clear. Easy DIY Shed Organization

Organization of the Shed

The biggest hurdles were the lawnmower and the wheel barrel. The shed was such a mess when we started the wheel barrel didn’t even fit! Both take up a bunch of space and are awkwardly shaped but had to stay. As a result, we had to find a better way to store these. Naturally, we resorted to our sizable scrap wood pile in the garage. Luckily we had enough scraps for Barry to build a shelf the lawnmower could slide under while providing additional storage above. Easy DIY Shed Organization

This shelf is definitely nothing fancy. It was constructed with scraps and pieced together, so no judgement on the ascetics. But it solved our largest problem. Easy DIY Shed Organization

The 2nd issue was the amount of items sitting on the floor like lawn tools. There are systems you can buy to organize vinyl sheds, since you can’t attach anything to the walls like with a wood shed, but they are pricey and we were not interested in spending a bunch of money on this. So we added onto the shelf Barry built, allowing us to hang tools on the side.Easy DIY Shed Organization

Years ago when we added the shed, we bought an inexpensive shelf system to help keep the inside of the shed organized. Because we had to fit the lawnmower and the wheel barrel, the only place it would fit was the left side which didn’t allow us to utilize all the shelves. With the new configuration, we were able to put the shelf system on the back wall, allowing all five shelves to be used. Easy DIY Shed Organization

Now we don’t dread opening the shed to fetch something. We know where everything is and even have room to store the hoses in the winter.Easy DIY Shed Organization Easy DIY Shed OrganizationEasy DIY Shed Organization Easy DIY Shed Organization

We even have room to store the pool floats too!Easy DIY Shed Organization

Easy DIY Shed Organization

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