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DIY Curtain Rod IKEA Hack

Need a curtain rod? I’ve got you covered! It’s hard to believe it’s been four months since the One Room Challenge but I am making progress with all the tutorials I promised! If you missed the DIY Art Ledge , the Cable Railing tutorial, or the Large Planter Hack,  make sure you check those out! Today I want to talk about curtains. Awhile back, I shared the correct way to hang curtains and I finally took my own advice in our family room and ditched the short panels. Now I am going to show you how I made our family room taller with this DIY Curtain Rod using an IKEA hack! PS, I made all four curtain rods for less than $30! 

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DIY CurtAIn ROd IKEA Hack 

2 -1 inch Wooden Dowel Rods
4 pks of IKEA Raffig Finials
8 pks of IKEA Betydlig Brackets
Drill Bit
Black Paint

*Note: This is the supply list to make these exactly as I have done.

Before we dive into this project, I want to give you a little back story. Our family room has very tall vaulted ceilings. They are ten feet on the shortest side and fourteen feet on the tallest. For years, short 84 inch panels hung around the window. I knew the 84 inch curtains were too short, but I couldn’t get past the sliding door. I thought it would look super weird hanging a curtain rod two feet above the patio blind. That’s when I came up with the idea to hang extra long panels on short rods. BUT short rods like these are like $40 a pop! No thanks. So I came up with my own DIY Curtain Rods.     DIY Curtain Rod IKEA Hack

Step 1

Purchase and cut your wooden dowel rods. First, determine how long you want your curtain rods to be. My curtain panels are 50 inches wide. In order for the curtains to look full on the rod, I choose to make my rods 22 inches wide. Once you have your length, cut the dowel rods to size. I used our miter saw to cut mine, but you can also use a hand saw. If you want to use this hack for regular curtain rods, you can make your curtain rods longer as well.DIY Curtain Rod IKEA Hack

Step 2

Drill the holes for the finials. I used a 3/32 bit to drill my holes. You want these to be in the center of the end of each of your curtain rods. If you choose to use different finials, just make sure to use a drill bit that is close in size to the finial screws but NOT bigger or else your finials will not screw in tightly. 
DIY Curtain Rod IKEA Hack

Step 3

Paint the wooden dowels. I wanted my curtain rods to be black to match the finials and the brackets so I painted them with Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. I laid the dowel rods across a few pieces of scrap wood to paint them and rotated often.DIY Curtain Rod IKEA Hack

Step 4 (optional) 

Paint the bracket covers. The IKEA Betydlig have convenient bracket covers that hide the screws. However, they are longer than most curtain rod brackets and stand out a bit. I wanted them to blend in with the walls, so I painted mine to match the wall color. I used Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray.DIY Curtain Rod IKEA Hack

Step 5

Hang your curtain rods and curtains and enjoy! This is the most satisfying step for sure! The best part is, no one would ever know that these were an inexpensive DIY!DIY Curtain Rod IKEA Hack

This was an easy project that solved my curtain dilemma in an affordable way and allowed me to showcase our vaulted ceilings the way they should be! The room feels SO much taller now! DIY Curtain Rod IKEA HackDIY Curtain Rod IKEA HackDIY Curtain Rod IKEA HackDIY Curtain Rod IKEA HackIf you enjoyed my DIY Curtain Rod IKEA Hack, please share it on Facebook or hover over an image and save to Pinterest! And if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, I would love for us to be friends!

DIY Curtain Rod IKEA Hack

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