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A New Modern Ceiling Fan

Recently, I was helping my mom pick out some ceiling fans and I saw this modern, industrial fan that I totally fell in love with! Ever since, I have been lusting for a new fan for our family room. While this room is a good size, it isn’t quite big enough for the fan I originally fell for at 72 inches. However, I was determined to find something bigger than the 52 inch fan we had, but more appropriately sized for our room. That is when I found this one!

I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about ceiling fans, and justifiably so. Many of them are not a pretty sight, especially the older ones, yikes! But there are so many stylish options these days. For us, this is a practical decision. I believe every room should have overhead lighting and I hate being hot! Even so, it should also be pretty, right? We inherited a fan in our family room when we bought That 70s House, but it was pretty beat up. In our rush to move in, we replaced it with this one.A New Modern Ceiling FanA New Modern Ceiling FanThis fan worked well but I was ready for an upgrade. Not to worry though, this one will be recycled at my mom’s. A little foreshadowing there. We ordered the new fan and Barry got to work installing it on our next available weekend.A New Modern Ceiling FanA New Modern Ceiling FanA New Modern Ceiling Fan

Since we had to order this fan I wasn’t 100% sure if it was going to be the right fit. It was definitely more appropriate in size at 65 inches, but sometimes you just don’t know until its up. Well, it went up and we loved it! What a relief. Hanging a fan in this room is a little more challenging because of the height.A New Modern Ceiling Fan

This fan is much more sleek and modern than the last fan and I love the eight blades with the slide in mount. That may be my favorite part!A New Modern Ceiling FanA New Modern Ceiling FanA New Modern Ceiling FanA New Modern Ceiling FanA New Modern Ceiling FanDo you support the ceiling fan or do you prefer a different type of fixture?

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