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Friday Favs

Friday Favs | Vol 4

Friday Favs | Vol 4Happy Friday Everyone!!! This week flew by for me. I have been on a mission to organize ALL the things in the house and keep trying to squeeze little things in. But I did make a huge difference in our sanity when I organized under the kitchen sink. Game changing.

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I also took a huge step this week and broke out the sewing machine I got for Christmas LAST year and learned how to use it! I have wanted to learn for a long time and gave it a shot years ago with my mom’s machine from the 70s but it was a no go. This one is much easier to use though. I definitely recommend it for a beginner like me. I sewed my first pillow with a zipper! I know, like I need more pillows, haha!

Friday Favs | Vol 4Friday Favs | Vol 4

I am kind of embarrassed to say this out loud because you know I am a REAL wine lover, but I don’t know how to use a traditional corkscrew (the kind with the arms or the slim waiter ones)! I know, crazy right?! I have been spoiled for too long with one of these. Seriously, so much easier!Friday Favs | Vol 4

I have been eyeing this mirror as a pair for the master bathroom, if we ever finish it. I intended to keep our original mirrors but now I’m feeling something round to break up all the square lines.Friday Favs | Vol 4

I have always wanted to learn to curl my hair with a flatiron. I know that sounds so counter intuitive, but ladies, you know what I am talking about. The problem is, I am totally not coordinated enough. Anyway, a friend tagged me on Instagram the other day when she saw this. And now I kinda want one. The video makes it look so easy with no creasing! Anyone tried it yet?Friday Favs | Vol 4

On one of the podcasts I listen to they were talking about weighted blankets. Have you heard of this? They are supposed help you sleep better by calming anxiety. Sort of like a thunder shirt for a dog. I often have a hard time sleeping because I feel like my thoughts just never turn off. I must say, I am pretty intrigued and may have to try it.

Friday Favs | Vol 4

Have a great weekend everyone!Friday Favs | Vol 4

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