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Happy Friday Friends! This week I announced a very exciting new project happening in our backyard! If you missed it, check it out here. In the spirit of spring time and taking home improvement projects outdoors, I decided this week was a great time to talk about outdoor rugs. Just like an indoor rug, outdoor rugs can be used to define spaces, add some color, or finish off a look.Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Outdoor RugsThis post contains affiliate links.

Last year, I added a small outdoor rug to our front porch and it was a game changer! I created a style rather than just a generic door mat and it hides an ugly crack in the concrete. Win, win. Now imagine what it could do for a patio or a deck! For my new  backyard game plan I definitely plan to use an outdoor rug. Sadly, I bought ours on sale last season and it is no longer available, but I have found some amazing outdoor rugs you are going to love. And the the best part is they are all under $100! (sale prices may apply). Some are even quite a bit under $100 and come in different colors.Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Outdoor Rugs

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With the weather warming up and plants starting to bloom, it’s time to focus on the outdoors! After all, the backyard can act as a whole extra room! Maybe you don’t use your outside space enough, but would you if it was an inviting space to relax in? Why not start with a fun area rug? I challenge you to add some pizzazz to your patio or deck!

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Garrison Street Design Studio - Friday Favs | Outdoor Rugs



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