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Design Inspiration | Christmas Fireplace Mantels

Happy Friday! Have you all started your Christmas shopping yet? Not to put the pressure on, but there’s only two and half weeks left. Yikes! Speaking of Christmas, if you have not started your decorating yet and need some help, I put together three very different looks for your Christmas fireplace mantel, complete with all the sources. This way you can worry about who was naughty and who was nice this year 😉 

Design Inspiration | Christmas Fireplace Mantels

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No matter what your style, there is nothing like a festive fireplace mantel to put you in the holiday spirit. The ambiance and quiet crackle of a warm fire always feels like the holidays. The best part is, each of these fireplaces are electric! Hard to believe, I know, but talk about convenient! Not only do they have no mess, but they come in a wide variety of styles so there is something for everyone! I narrowed the choices down to three of my favorites, complete with all the holiday essentials for a cozy Christmas! 

First up is the modern glam Christmas fireplace mantel. With lots of silver and gold bling, this look is definitely a show stopper! The simple, gray fireplace is the perfect anchor for the hard to miss, shinny metallics and fur accents. The decorative mercury glass trees and silver stocking holders are the icing on this glamorous Christmas cake. 

Design Inspiration | Christmas Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace | Fireplace Tools | Mirror | Art | Mini Christmas Trees | Stocking Holders | Gold Stockings | Fur Stocking | Mercury Glass Trees | Pillow | Basket | Blanket 

Next, is a modern rustic Christmas fireplace mantel. This look is definitely more traditional with the stacked stone fireplace and wood accents. Nothing says rustic Christmas more than a few plaid stockings and a modern deer head to drive home a cabin like vibe. An evening by the fire would not be complete without a warm and cozy blanket stashed in a stylish leather bin. 

Design Inspiration | Christmas Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace | Fireplace Tools | Mirror | Art | Mini Christmas Trees | Stocking Holder | Plaid Stockings | Snowflake Stocking | Red Christmas Trees | Pillow | Basket Blanket

Lastly, a mid century modern inspired fireplace mantel. The sleek wood lines of this electric fireplace were the perfect backdrop for the white vintage Christmas stockings. If I didn’t already have a fireplace, I would definitely be considering adding this to our home. Although, we could add a fireplace to our living room…..TBD 😉 The retro star burst mirror and the natural wood stocking holders were the perfect addition to this nostalgic look. 

Design Inspiration | Christmas Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace | Fireplace Tools | Mirror | Art | Mini Christmas Trees | Stocking Holders | Striped Stockings | Dot Stocking | White Cone Trees | Pillow | Basket Blanket

I had so much fun designing these Christmas Fireplace Mantels! Hopefully it will help you deck your halls and put you in that holiday spirit 🙂 Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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Design Inspiration | Christmas Fireplace Mantels

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