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Silver and Gold Spring Tablescape

With Easter right around the corner and the weather teasing us with blue skies and sunshine, I figured now was the perfect time to lighten up the dining room table with a spring tablescape. A few weeks ago I found my inspiration at HomeGoods (my favorite place!) when I spotted this grey runner with silver and gold polka dots. Silver and Gold Spring TablescapeI’ll be honest, I am not big on buying a lot of “one season” or “one holiday” décor because it can get expensive and it has to be stored when not in use. So when I found this particular runner, I loved that it could be used for multiple seasons!Silver and Gold Spring Tablescape

Since the runner is a little on the glitzy side with the metallics, I broke out my straw like place mats I snagged at Bed Bath and Beyond some years ago. I normally use these for casual dining on the patio, but they seemed to fit the bill here too. And the best part is, I already had them and didn’t spend a dime! I decided to show off a little more of my new runner and omitted the placemats from the heads of the table.Silver and Gold Spring Tablescape

I know a lot of people have abandoned fine china in recent years, but I was lucky enough to inherit this beautiful, simple white set from my grandmother. My grandma and I were VERY close so her china is incredibly sentimental. I don’t use these dishes often because they can not go in the dishwasher, ugh!, but every now and then I put them to use and pair them with some of our normal dishes. And that is exactly what I did for this table setting. On the sides of the table I used our small square appetizer plates with the dinner plates from my grandma’s set. For the heads of the table I paired our square dinner plates with the salad plates from my grandma’s set.Silver and Gold Spring Tablescape

I also chose to mix up the wine glasses for this table setting. This might come as a shock, but I have MANY sets of wine glasses 🙂 Since this is a spring table setting, I liked these blue vintage glasses I have, but I only have four. These were handed down to my roommate and I from my step mom when we got our first apartment in college. I think at one point we had six….hummm. To compliment the vintage nature of these, I paired them with my crystal wine glasses I inherited from my grandma. Who says everything has to match?Silver and Gold Spring Tablescape Silver and Gold Spring TablescapeI have a few sets of silverware, but decided to use my hammered polish set. I snagged these at HomeGoods a few years back. Big surprise, I know.Silver and Gold Spring Tablescape

When it comes to napkins, I really prefer disposable. I have a set of cloth napkins, but I am always afraid they will be ruined. Not to mention the expense of accumulating multiple sets to go with different settings. So I normally just head over to the party store and pick some up that compliment the current ensemble. For less than $3 a pack, these look pretty good 🙂 Silver and Gold Spring Tablescape

Finally, the centerpiece. I put this together with a few items I already had and some new artificial flowers from the craft store. You might recognize the wooden box and candle holder from my Chili Party post. I snagged both items from Target a while back and have used them so many times since! They are really quite versatile.Silver and Gold Spring TablescapeThe only other items I bought, aside from the napkins, were the artificial flowers. While I do love real flowers, I love that I can reuse these year after year. I picked them up on sale for 50% off. In total they were less than $20.Silver and Gold Spring TablescapeWith the centerpiece assembled, this is my finished table!Silver and Gold Spring TablescapeSilver and Gold Spring TablescapeSilver and Gold Spring TablescapeSilver and Gold Spring TablescapeSilver and Gold Spring TablescapeSilver and Gold Spring TablescapeSilver and Gold Spring TablescapeSilver and Gold Spring Tablescape

How do you feel about mixing up dishes and glasses?

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