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DIY Hairpin Leg Bench

If you have shopped for dining furniture recently you know the expense lies in the chairs. Assuming you are not buying a pre-packaged set, the chairs can really add up. They can easily run anywhere from $250-$500 per chair at designer retailers! Did you just fall over in disbelief? Yep, me too! So when I decided I wanted to spruce up our dining room, I knew there had to a better way that didn’t require me to sell my organs on the black market, haha! So I bring you my DIY Hairpin Leg bench.

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So let’s rewind a bit. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been heavily debating our dining room situation recently. The truth is, it was just time for a change. I have had our dining set for 13 years now! And while it’s nice, I was craving a more casual feel. Because our table is basically the perfect size for our dining room at 5 feet long converting to a 5 foot square with the leaf, I decided to keep the table. It technically accommodates eight when expanded making the chair price tag a bit steep. Being the thrifty gal that I am, I decided to DIY a bench which I will teach you how to make in 5 EASY steps!

DIY Hairpin Leg Bench Tutorial
Step 1:

Buy hairpin legs. I bought these 16 inch legs on Amazon and they are fantastic! They came with screws and floor protectors for the bottom of each leg and are pretty heavy duty.DIY Hairpin Leg Bench

Step 2:

Buy wood and cut to size. For our bench we used a 2x12x8. Because I intended to make two benches, we simply cut the eight foot piece in half, resulting in two four foot pieces.DIY Hairpin Leg Bench

Step 3:

Sand wood smooth. I used our orbital sander. You could use sand paper, but that would take some time. For now, I have decided to keep the benches natural because I like the mix of materials, but if you wish to stain or paint it, I would do that after you sand it. DIY Hairpin Leg Bench

Step 4:

Attach legs to the bottom of wood. I measured and marked the placement of the legs and then pre-drilled the holes to make attaching them easier. I will note the two screw holes closest to the leg are a bit tricky to screw in because of the angle. Luckily this isn’t our first rodeo and we already had this pivot holder which we used on our impact driver. DIY Hairpin Leg Bench DIY Hairpin Leg BenchDIY Hairpin Leg Bench

Step 5:

Flip your DIY Hairpin Leg Bench over and enjoy!DIY Hairpin Leg Bench

For some behind the scenes video of this project and others, follow me on Instagram and check out my archived Dining Room Makeover stories.DIY Hairpin Leg Bench

I absolutely love how these turned out! They provide a much more casual vibe and they align with my goal to add more natural elements to our decor. The extra “visual space” the benches provide make our small dining room feel so much bigger too! I plan to find some more modern chairs for the ends of the table, but for now our patio chairs are subbing in since it’s still winter here. I mean, we had a blizzard yesterday so……DIY Hairpin Leg Bench

DIY Hairpin Leg BenchFor less than $80 I created two dining benches and escaped spending way too much on four chairs! DIY Hairpin Leg Bench

As you can see, this bench could also be used as an accent piece in an entry way, or even just extra seating for your family room. It truly is versatile! DIY Hairpin Leg Bench DIY Hairpin Leg Bench DIY Hairpin Leg Bench DIY Hairpin Leg BenchIf you enjoyed my DIY Hairpin Leg Bench, please share it on Facebook or hover over an image and save to Pinterest! And if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, I would love for us to be friends!

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DIY Hairpin Leg Bench

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  1. how tall are the legs you chose for this bench? i have the same chairs likely a different brand, they are about 17″ high from floor to seat, the legs you posted come in 6″ and 20″, just curious if you off set the height of your benches from your chairs?

    1. Hi Jacalyn! The legs I used are 16 inches tall. It appears the legs I purchased no longer come in a 16 inch option, but I have updated the link with a similar set. The finished height of our benches is 17.5, 16 for the legs and 1.5 for the wood. I hope that helps!

    1. Hi Cara! No, we have not had any issues with the wood bowing, but I don’t think I would use anything smaller in width or thinner than a 2×12 or it may not be strong enough. Also, ours are only 4 feet long. The longer you make it the weaker the middle will be. Hope that helps 😉

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