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DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium

A little over a month ago we packed up all our Christmas decor and put everything back to normal. Each year, the house always feels so naked and it makes me want to refresh our living spaces. If you recall my 2019 goals and resolutions, I had a specific goal of adding more natural elements. This prompted me to add a very simple and easy DIY faux succulent terrarium to our entryway and I am going to share it with you today!

DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium

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In our entryway we have a buffet table with two lamps. When I made over our living room during the summer, this spot never felt quite right to me. I made it work for the time being, but it just felt off. It really needed something low to sit on top of the decorative books. So when I took down the Christmas items I gave my decor stash a second look and came up with this faux succulent terrarium.DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium

You may recognize some of the elements from my favorite decorating hack. I often recycle elements from other projects when I need a change which is also a great way to save money! For this simple look you only need a few items.

First, you’ll need a glass floating candle dish, or some other low vessel. I have had mine for probably a decade, but you can find them at your local craft store or of course AmazonDIY Faux Succulent TerrariumThen you will need some rocks. Personally, I like to buy a bag of pea gravel from the home improvement store because you get a lot for just a few bucks and then I always have some on hand. I seriously use it for all kinds of projects, inside and out. DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium

My favorite faux succulents are at Hobby Lobby. I think they are very realistic looking and are not flimsy. I even had ours sitting outside on our patio all summer and they still look great! DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium

Lastly, I added a few black pebbles I had already, but you could definitely skip these if you wanted. DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium

Now I have the perfect natural accessory for our entryway buffet and I made it with items I already had! The best part is, it’s crazy simple so you can make your very own faux succulent terrarium too!

DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium

DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium DIY Faux Succulent TerrariumDIY Faux Succulent Terrarium DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium DIY Faux Succulent TerrariumIf you enjoyed my DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium, please share it on Facebook or hover over an image and save to Pinterest! And if you don’t already follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, or Facebook, I would love for us to be friends!

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DIY Faux Succulent Terrarium

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